6 Health benefits of having sattu

Benefits of Sattu

Benefits of Sattu: The delicious summer cooler drink sattu is prepared with roasted black chana, lemon juice and cumin powder. This summer coolant drink is rich in protein, carbs, fibre, calcium iron and has amazing health benefits. 

Sattu is a much underrated natural drink that can be consumed in various forms and the most popular way is to have it in the form of sharbat.

Here is some health benefits mentioned of having sattu:

  • Improves digestion

Having sattu first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will work wonders for the body. 

Benefits of Sattu

Sattu helps the digestive system to function properly. It is full of iron and fiber which helps to reduce stomach related ailments and improves the digestion system.

  • Detox your body

Sattu acts as a detoxifying agent as it breaks down toxic substances from the body and intestines. Having sattu mixed with water on an empty stomach will remove toxins from the body. 

  • Best for people having diabetes

Sattu is low in glycemic index and high in fiber content which can be boon for diabetic’s patients.  Having chilled sattu sharbat helps to maintain sugar levels. Due to high fiber content it is great for those having high cholesterol.  

  • Helps in weight loss

If you want to shed off extra kilos, then start consuming sattu on an empty stomach. Sattu helps to reduce bloating and also enhances metabolism and burns calories.

  • Enhance energy

Sattu is a rich source of iron which stimulates red blood cells to grow faster in the body. As red blood cells grow faster, the body gets more oxygen which provides adequate energy to work throughout the day.  

  • Beauty benefits

Sattu sharbat helps to keep maintain healthy supple skin and hydrated. As sattu is rich in nutrients it was traditionally used to treat hair problems.

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