Book lovers should visit these unique libraries

unique libraries

Books provide solace to many people. Reading is one of the most beloved hobbies. Be it ebooks, hardcopies or paperbacks, books are a gift to humankind. Some libraries around the world are celebrating books in some unique ways.

  1. Qatar National Library

This library is the state-of-the art and is known to house around a million books! It has a beautiful architecture spread over 45000 square meters of area. It also has an underground section where heritage pieces are on display.

  1. Tianjin Binhai Library

This chinese library opened in 2017 and was an instant hit! The library has books from the floor to the ceiling along with a posh modern architecture. The shelves which are out of reach have pictures of books printed on aluminium.

  1. Stuttgart City Library

This library is found in the German city of Stuttgart and is popular for it’s design.

The library is a nine storey building which appears to be a cube but the glass takes on a different glow at sunset. It has a five storey reading room and an all white interior!

  1. Seattle Central Library

This library has to be one of the most unique libraries in the world. It has an ahead -of -its- time glass build which is in an unique shape. It has lots of space to work and read.
Book lovers will enjoy visiting these places!


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