Books provide advice on how to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle


Two new publications provide readers with actionable advice and creative ideas for living a more “eco-conscious existence” by reducing waste and reducing needless spending.

Authors Srini Swaminathan and Shubha Shree wrote “(IM)Perfectly Zero Waste: A No-Nonsense Guide to Living Sustainably in India” and “The Everyday Eco-Warrior: 110 Easy Tips for a Zero-Waste Life,” both published by Hachette India.

While “(IM)Perfectly Zero Waste,” a jargon-free guide peppered with DIYs and easily doable waste-reduction tips, informs readers about the growing garbage crisis, “The Everyday Eco-Warrior” focuses on 110 simple ideas that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives to make a significant difference in the planet’s well-being.

“It’s fantastic that there’s a growing interest for books like this, and the early feedback has been extremely positive. Being sustainable in a consumerist culture is difficult enough as it is, and with the pandemic on top of that, the last thing we want to do is make people feel guilty,” she says.

“As a result, we’ve stuffed the books with ideas and mild recommendations. There’s a lot of focus on climate/environmental anxiety because it’s real, and although we all need to be kind to our world, we also need to be nice to one other and ourselves,” they said.

A growing readership for works like these is fantastic, and the early reviews have been positive. Making people feel guilty is the last thing we want to do in a society where materialism is rampant,” she writes.

It was so decided to fill the volumes with thoughts and proposals. Because climate change and environmental concerns are extremely serious, there is a lot of attention on them. “While we all need to be gentle with our world, we need to be kind with each other and with ourselves,” they concluded.


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