Covid-19: Impacting mental health of young human minds


As the Covid-19 pandemic entered our lives, it has brought a sense of anxiety and discomfort across the globe. The phenomenon has led to psychological and mental health implications especially on children and adolescents. The concept of staying indoors, starting showing adverse effect on children as they are more fragile in terms of emotional and social development.  

During the normal learning times, when children used to go to school, it uses to involve personal interaction with peers and teachers, which lead to overall development of child. But as the world witnessed unforeseen circumstances and as the lockdown got imposed, closures of schools, tuitions and colleges have negatively impacted over 90% of the world’s student population. 

The home confinement of child started leading to uncertainty and anxiety which impacted their mental and physical health. The children were restricted to learning from online classes which resulted in boredom, lack of creativity, lack of innovative ideas and there were no extracurricular activities.

The culture of online classes has resulted in lack of concentration, difficulty in following the instructions and independency. Due to which, the children have become clingier and more dependent on parents. It is presumed that in future children might resist going to school after the situation normalizes, not only this, this might face difficulty while interacting in person.


To cater these unforeseen challenges, parents are also facing difficulties to help their children in such an abrupt situation. As the learning pattern has changed the behavioral and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders have increased.  As the physical activities with peers and play mates are completely hindered, it is impacting the vital growth of young human minds. Mental disorders are leading to cause disability in adolescents and children. 

Not only this, distressing events occurring at home such as seeing someone ill or critical in family, stressful conversation of parents, passing away of loved ones, parents losing their jobs, halting sports activities are some of the reasons adding to mental issues in a child.

More than ever, it has now become important to talk about the mental health and to get a help to overcome it. It is important that the educational institutions, guardians, health authorities should now work together in order to witness the proper development of a child.

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