Desserts : 6 South Indian Must Try Sweet Delicacies


Desserts anyone? Well definitely we would not mind.

Sweets and desserts happen to be the weakness of many.

In addition, the best way to lift up your spirits and also your mood is a cup of nice and tasty sweet.

Further it can be said that desserts often have a calming effect on the mind.

If you have a sweet tooth and if you are craving for something sweet then here we bring to you 6 South Indian must try sweet delicacies.

Moreover you have to try these sweet delicacies from the southern states at least once for sure.

Kerala’s Elaneer pudding is a must try sweet. It is one of the most exotic dishes and is somewhat similar to a pannacotta.

Just as the name suggests, Elaneer, the hero of the dish is Elaneer/ Tender coconut.

Qubani Ka Meetha, is one dish many might not have even tried. But this rich in taste and texture dessert is a must must try in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Made with loads of ghee, dried apricots, gulab jal and almonds, this quenches your sweet tooth cravings like no other.

The taste of qubani stays with you always once you consume it, it is heavenly and royal.

Tirunelveli Halwa, the halwa from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, is delicacy like no other.

Also Halwa’s are made all over India but there happens to be only one Tirunelveli Halwa.

What makes it quintessential is that the halwa is prepared by extracting milk from wheat.

The wheat halwa is tried and tested by anyone who visits the place, be it locals or travelers.

Pootharekulu, this Andhra sweet is also called the paper sweet. This sweet is not made anywhere else in India barring the states of AP and Telangana.

With crispy, soft paper like texture on the outside, filled with sweetness inside, the sweet is delicious.

And also in addition another sweet of AP that needs to be mentioned is the Tirupathi Laddoo. The ladoos we get at the Temple taste like no other.

Are you visiting Karnataka and are you wondering what sweet you must try?

Then let us tell you, you ought to try Mysore Pak, the sweet that emerged from the Royal kitchen of Mysore palace.

Made with sugar, ghee and besan the sweet melts in your mouth and tastes divine.

Puran Poli anyone? If you want to have it, head to Maharashtra right away.

The Maharashtrian staple sweet is always a treat to have.

The flat bread filled with sweet lentil fillings is Puran Poli. And further the recipe of the dish differs from household to household.

The jaggery sweet is made on festive occasions in Maharashtra. And Modak’s from the state are also a must have.

The writer is singing off now to have some yummy desserts.

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