DIY Treatments and Diet: Tips for healthy hair

Spending too much on expensive products but not getting the desired results? Follow these simple tips for hair to give luster and shine to your locks.


The main reason for hair fall is dandruff and itchy scalp. Therefore, maintain good cleanliness for and healthy hair. For hair wash preferably use organic shampoo. Water temperature should not be more than your body temperature.

Egg treatment

If you have dry or brittle hair, use ½ cup of egg liquid with 2 tablespoons Yoghurt mixture. Apply to clean hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Thereafter, rinse your hair with tepid water.

For that shiny silky hair

Prepare a mixture of 1 cup of any conditioner and 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Apply this mixture evenly on your wet hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. This will give your hair an amazing shine.

For bouncy hair

Apply a one-to-one mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar to your hair. Rinse it thoroughly after 5 minutes to get rid of the apple cider smell.

For strong hair

Use almond oil to treat dry and damaged hair. Pour some almond oil into a bowl and heat it for 30 seconds. Then evenly apply to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes.  Rinse normally with shampoo and conditioner using tepid water.

Use protection before you jump into the pool

Prevent your hair from pool damage by applying a little conditioner before you swim. This will protect your hair before they come in contact with the pool water.

Don’t Tie your Hair too tight 

To prevent breakage due to brittle hair avoid using bands and do not tie your hair too tightly.

The absolute No-No

Avoid using a plastic bristle comb to prevent hair breakage from static electricity. The best way to brush your hair is by removing tangles.  Thereafter, take the long stokes from the roots of the hair to the ends. Do not brush wet hair. To prevent breakage, avoid using hair ties that ties your hair tightly.

Let your hair air-dry

Allow your hair to dry by itself instead of using a blow-dryer or hot rollers. If you have no time to let your hair air dry, then use a blow-dryer sparingly and make sure you use a warm setting instead of a hot setting.

Good diet

Drink lots of water and eat raw fruits and vegetables. The most effective home treatment for hair care is a healthy diet.


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