Even persons who have never had a history of renal illness might be adversely affected by Covid-19. According to a nephrologist, the lethal virus has caused substantial long-term renal damage in humans to the point that they require dialysis.

While coronavirus is known to impact the lungs, researchers are also investigating its effects on other organs such as the brain, heart, and kidney.

“Even in persons who had never had a real problem before, Covid has been linked to major kidney problems. Many Covid victims have had renal impairment, with some requiring dialysis. Covid infection causes renal issues in about 30% of those who have it. If a person with underlying kidney disease contracted Covid, they developed very serious diseases, which might lead to death “In a Facebook live session, Dr. Samir Tawakley, Senior Consultant-Nephrology at Apollo Hospitals, remarked

Over 60-year-olds, persons with diabetes, hypertension, heart issues, and those who are obese are at a significant risk of having kidney-related diseases.

According to the specialist, Covid can either cause direct harm to kidney cells or promote blood clotting, which limits blood flow to the kidneys. He goes on to say that low oxygen levels in the blood have a negative impact on kidney shape.

Dr. Tawakley described the symptoms of renal illness caused by Covid as decreased urine production, edoema all over the body, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, restlessness, weakness, and, in extreme instances, disorientation, coma, and seizures.

According to the doctor, the Covid infection can cause acute renal impairment that is usually recoverable.

“If you’ve had a covid infection, your odds of getting a chronic kidney disease are about 35 percent higher than if you haven’t had a covid infection,” says Dr. Tawakley.

To avoid contracting Covid, the doctor recommends using all preventative measures like as hand sanitization, wearing a mask, and avoiding social situations. Patients who require dialysis, he adds, should avoid skipping it at all costs.

He also recommends that kidney patients get completely immunised, since this may prevent them from significant sickness in the event of an infection.

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