Happy Paper Bag Day 2021: Know the history and Significance behind celebrating this Day

Paper Bag Day

Every year July 12 is celebrated as World Paper Bag Day. This day brings the awareness of using paper bags rather than plastic bags. Paper bags are friendly in nature as they are renewable raw materials, which are recyclable and biodegradable. Plastic bags are very harmful because it takes thousands of years to get decompose.

As we all know our planet is plagued by problems like global warming, which is causing climate change, deforestation, pollution and much more. Therefore, at this stage using paper bag over plastic bag is a step towards healthier planet.

Many shopkeepers and malls have transformed from plastic bag towards paper bags. People have started talking nature seriously.

History of World Paper Day

American inventor, Francis Wolle invented the paper bag machine earlier in the year 1852. Later, Margaret E. Knight invented another machine that can produce flat-bottom paper bags. She became very famous and gained the title “the mother of the grocery bag”.

Charles Stilwell in 1883, invented machine that can manufacture pleated sides incorporated in the paper bag that becomes easy or hold or fold the paper bag. Walter Deubener also took a step ahead in 1912, built up a cord and handles to paper bags.

Significance of World Paper Day

Paper bags are eco-friendly. Paper bag save environment from pollution as it is renewable and recyclable. These bags are friendly in nature because they are made up of trees, which can be easily transformed into a new paper, newspaper or magazine.

Plastic bags have always resulted in promoting toxic in nature, unlike paper bags that preserve nature from getting toxic. Paper Bag making saves a lot of transportation cost because the formation process is done from renewable materials.

Paper bag packaging is adopted by many malls and supermarket and its packaging is considered stylish and fashionable. The simple paper bag with a straightforward print on it makes it unique and different and therefore these bags are increasingly getting adopted by big brands and promoters.


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