How to overcome the habit of emotional eating

Emotional Eating

Are you the one who eat to feel better or to relieve stress? Well, if yes then keep on reading as it help you to stop emotional eating, fight your cravings, identify your triggers and will help to identify ways to make you feel happy.   

Due to covid-19 pandemic, emotional stress is high which is leading to rise in emotional eating. Some people associate happiness with eating food and whenever they feel sad they start eating, which is very unhealthy and can lead to many health issues. 

 We all are going through tough times and it is important to normalize the feeling of sadness. It is fine, if you are sad or unhappy. You should accept the negative emotions and try to express it to your family, friends or loved ones. Don’t create fake bubbles in your head and let negative emotions overpower your thinking. 

Emotional Eating

Expressing your emotions will help you overcome the sadness. You are allowed to feel angry, sad, jealous or maybe guilty. Allow yourself to get out of your negative system. Don’t be scared to ask for help, nobody is going to judge you or harm you.  Food does not solve matter of mind and heart. If you are unable to control your feelings of emotional eating seek help of some counselor or therapist. Never try to suppress your issues as it may lead to bigger issues in future.

If you occasionally use food to reward yourself or to celebrate then it’s not a bad thing, but if you make it your habit then it might be alarming. When eating is the primary emotional coping mechanism then you get stuck in an unhealthy cycle where real feelings and problems never get addressed. 

Emotional eating might help you to feel good at that moment but are very unhealthy as you have consumed unnecessary calories. Try to solve your issues and negative traits in a healthier way and avoid triggers, conquer cravings and overcome the habit of emotional eating.

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