Khichdi is prepared in a variety of ways in India, using various types of lentils depending on the occasion and purpose. Khichdi is made with a light-tasting dal, such as moong daal, to help people recover quickly from diseases. From Gujarat’s kang no khichdo to South India’s bisi bele bhaat, there are countless variations. Its origins may be traced back thousands of years to mughals who enjoyed a highly rich form of Khichdi made with ghee and a variety of spices and dried fruits. Birbal ki Khichdi is a tale that we’ve all read and enjoyed.

When you’re in a rush, Khichdi may be a quick, easy, and nutritious supper. Weight gain, weight reduction, thyroid, PCOS, sleeplessness, anxiety, migraines, and other health conditions can all be helped by Khichdi’s various avatars.

Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurveda specialist who often shares beneficial home remedies, advice, and Ayurveda information on social media, took to Instagram to show how several varieties of Khichdi may be cooked for those suffering from various conditions.

Dr. Bhavsar recommends eating a Khichdi cooked with basmati rice, ghee, and several nutritional dals like as urad, masoor, tuvar, moong, and others for weight growth. For patients with diabetes, PCOS, or who want to lose weight, the Ayurveda specialist offers a Khichdi composed of dal and barley instead of rice.

Dr. Bhavsar recommends a comfortable Khichdi with a lot of ghee, moong dal, and rice for sleeplessness, stress, and anxiety. She claims that it is fulfilling not just to the stomach but also to the mind. When taken three hours before night, this variant also promotes restful sleep.

Dr. Bhavsar also offered a simple Khichdi recipe that may be used to detox, especially when you’re trying to avoid fatty, high-calorie, or sugar-laden meals. This type of Khichdi takes only 20 minutes to prepare.

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