Places to visit if you love music

music lover

Music helps us to relax and enjoy the time. That is why people love to admire musical tunes. Music has many types but it is beloved by all. So here are some places to check out if you admire music:

  1. Liverpool, England

Liverpool can be termed as the pop capital of the world. It has hosted a lot of popular concerts at Echo Arena like The Beatles! It also hosts ‘Liverpool International Music Festival’ and ‘International Beatleweek’.

  1. Havana, Cuba

Havana is known for rumba, cha-cha, timba and salsa. The musicians here are popular for their energetic tunes and fiery moves. Cuba has a lot of clubs in the interior which play jazz, tango and salsa tunes.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the hub for J-pop (Japanese pop) which has become extremely popular due to the spread of love for anime. J-pop is upbeat along with some influences from metal and pop songs. Tokyo also has a collection of Japanese classical and modern western songs.
If you love karaoke, Japan is the place to be as almost all bars have a karaoke machine.

All over the world, different places are known for their varied style of music. These places are just some of the favorites!


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