Signs to watch, when you are start feeling different in Friendship

Commonly you get so near to one particular friend, that you botch your closeness for adoration. You might begin experiencing passionate feelings for your friend, however understand the changes in your feeling you have for that person now. You might be confused whether it is love or not?

Friends turning into relationship is the best thing ever, because you already know that person, you have good bonding with them but the mostly difficult part is understanding your own feelings and knowing if you are truly in love, or it is just infatuation. Look for your own signs, understand the Platonic feelings you are discovering for that friends.

If you have the below mentioned signs then probably you are not ‘Just Friends’.

  • You become jealous

The feeling of jealousy lights up in you when you see the individual you love talking or spending time with somebody of other gender. Jealous feeling for a friend is a sigh that you have started falling for them. You get possessive for that friend and you continue to ponder about them the entire time.

  • You don’t botch an opportunity to meet them

You will make time to hang around with them, despite having a busy schedule. You can’t keep calm and get excited to meet them. You attempt to look great, you dress great, and with all the fervor intend to meet them with only one call from their side. Here you are most likely to start falling for them.

  • You time is never enough

Regardless of the amount of time you chat on calls, talk you never think that it’s enough. You wished they stayed a little longer while you are hanging with them, or talked with you more on calls. It seems like time is running faster and you are not getting enough time with them.

  • You get nervous around them

Despite having excitement in meeting them with butterflies in your stomach, you also get nervous at same time. When they are around, you have many thoughts running in your mind, but you are unable to speak about it. Your heart beats faster whenever you see, hear or touch them.

  • You Dream about them

Be it day or night you keep thinking about them. Even if you try to distract yourself, they still keep running in your mind. You start imaging future together. Sometimes you smile thinking about your best moments you have together, and in some cases a portion of their senseless jokes make you grin in their nonappearance. If you have all of these signs in your friendship then you probably you are in love with your friend.


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