Increased pollution and a sedentary lifestyle in today’s environment harm the hair as well as the skin. Yes, and this is why your hair is dry and lifeless. Not only that, but it also slows their growth and causes them to lose ground. We’re going to inform you about foods that might promote hair loss today. Please let us know.

Sugar overconsumption—Yes, sugar overconsumption is damaging to the body in every way. Excessive sugar consumption, according to some sources, can also cause baldness. It is believed that consuming too much sugar causes insulin resistance. Yes, and hair loss is a result of this.

Diet Soda- You may have observed that many have begun to drink diet soda as part of their fitness routine, but excessive use of diet soda can lead to hair loss. In reality, it contains an artificial sugar called asparagus, which has been linked to hair loss in studies.

Hair plays a crucial part in a protein called keratin, but alcohol has an effect on it. Yes, and it has a negative impact on hair health and promotes hair loss. Furthermore, alcohol causes a shortage in numerous nutrients in the body.

Fish- The quantity of mercury in fish is increasing nowadays, and this mercury is reaching humans via fish. This exacerbates the issue of hair loss. On the other side, if we accept specialists, we should limit our fish consumption.

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