It’s the most wonderful time of year because we get to watch so many weddings all around us. With these arrangements, every other day appears to be a celebration. While we’re talking about celebrations, it’s not uncommon to indulge in some unhealthy snacks. Physical exercise and training appear to be the last thing from our minds with such a lifestyle. As a result, maintaining or managing weight throughout the wedding season is difficult. Why don’t we provide you some pointers on how to attend such weddings without jeopardising your health? Sakshi Bakshi, the inventor of Nucros, shares her advice on how to become the ultimate party eater.

Before a full night out, make sure to keep it light the day before. This entails including as many complex carbohydrates as possible to keep hunger at bay for as long as feasible while remaining low in calories. This implies you should prioritise fruits and vegetables in salads, soups, smoothies, and other dishes. The main factor to remember is to avoid high-fat soups with thick cream and instead choose for vegetable-rich soups.

In the winter, one should aim to eat as much warm and hot food as possible when dining out. Vegetarians should consume lean protein such as paneer, soya, dal, and so on, whereas non-vegetarians should consume fish, chicken, and so on.

Breakfast and lunch should be simple and contain plenty of fruits and vegetables. Even if supper is hefty, the total calorie intake for the day is maintained since breakfast and lunch are balanced. So that you don’t overeat, have a little lunch before you go out.

When dining at a party or a buffet, use little quarter plates so you can keep track of how much you’re consuming. So, even if you go to the buffet several times, you can keep track of how much you eat.

Drink one glass of water every hour, for a total of 12 to 16 glasses each day. If you’re going out and drinking alcohol, she suggests alternating one glass of water with a drink and having just 2-3 glasses of clear spirits with water to keep calories under control.

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