Tips for improving time management skills

Time Management

Time management is a strategy of planning out your work in a particular time frame in order to work more efficiently. Effective time management is not easy to maintain but everyone can develop habits to improve their time management skills.

Time management skills help you to systematically organize your tasks and accomplish them on deadlines. When you are better are managing your time, you will be able to take new opportunities and grow in order to sustain. It allows you to be creative, efficient and proactive.

Here are some tips mentioned to improve your time management skills:

  • Prepare a schedule and follow it strictly

Organize your hectic days and weeks in advance. Prepare a list of all the work you wish you accomplish in a day and estimate the duration of each task. Keep monitoring the task and time taken to achieve them in regular intervals. Also, don’t forget to add contingency time for the unexpected task. Avoid over burdening yourself than what you can handle.  

  • Fix deadlines

When you have a task in hand, set a realistic deadline and strictly follow it. Once you set a deadline you will work accordingly and will be able to achieve your task on time. Challenge yourself to meet the deadline and later reward yourself for accomplishing it on time.  

  • Set long and short term goals
Time Management

Set your long term goals that will give an idea of what direction you want in your life. Every long term goal will eventually have short term goals. Relate your long term goal with short term goals so that is motivates you and pushes you to work harder and achieve your goal on time.  

  • Delegation

If you are overloaded with work then you should delegate some task to your team. Some people resist delegating task to others because they want to maintain their control or sometimes they want to save money by not hiring associates. Both ways will hamper your productivity and will raise cost. 

  • Prioritize your work

Before you start your day, prioritize your work by making a list of tasks of your daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals. Prioritize your list by mentioning most important work which requires immediate attention on top. Mention other unimportant tasks at the bottom so that you are able to accomplish important works first. Once you know where to invest your energy, you will accomplish your tasks in the set schedule.

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