Tips To Reduce Hair Fall – READ INSIDE

Hair Fall

Your hair is more or less your crowning glory.

It is extremely vital to reduce and prevent hair fall.

There are many tips to reduce the fall of hair and today we bring a few of them to your attention.

First and foremost, it is extremely vital to know your hair texture and also to understand your scalp type.

Based on that you will have to choose a proper shampoo.

For instance, if your hair is of the oily texture, then you will need to wash it regularly (at least thrice a week), or else it might lead to hair fall.

On the other hand, over washing of dry hair may have the same effect.

Choose your hair care products wisely. Be it the shampoo, or conditioner, or even the oil.

It is necessary to oil and massage the hair regularly for good hair growth.

Reduce the use of chemicals on hair and also the useage of hair dryers should be kept at a minimum.

Hair straighteners, curlers too need to be avoided. The heat from the equipment effects the hair and its growth.

What you eat also has an effect on your hair growth. One has to make sure to include more vegetables in the diet.

Eat more Vitamin A veggies for better hair growth.

Avoid hair colors containing chemicals; choose organic colors and dyes for the hair.

Too much stress can also be one of the reasons for hair loss. Keep the stress factor at bay to reduce the fall.

Nourish your hair with proper products and make it glow and shine.

Gentle styling needs to be done.

Hair should be treated delicately and also the bands while braiding, plating or ponying the hair should not be too tight.

Comb your tresses with utmost care and do not brush it with harsh strokes.

Braid your hair before going to sleep. Use natural home remedies to reduce hair fall.

And last but not the least don’t forget to clean your brushes regularly.

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