Top budget-friendly travel destinations from India


Planning for a trip but your budget is low? Don’t worry! Get to know more about your favorite travel destinations, famous spots to visit, islands, adventures hiking and shopping malls.




Plan your vacation in the dazzling and attractive city of Singapore with cheap and friendly budget. Singapore is the one stop destination that never fails to excite visitors. This amazing city ranked second largest place to visit on vacations and widely-known for luxurious hotels, shopping malls and many more beautiful sights.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai is in one of the top 10 most visited cities in the world. Well-known for beautiful sights and attractive places such as Burj Khalifa -(world’s largest building) and innovative architectures of buildings in Dubai. Arabian Desert is the beauty of attraction for visitors.



Kathmandu is widely popular royal city of Nepal, famous for historic attractions such as temples, monuments and carved statues. The most interesting and challenging part is skydiving from the Mount Everest. Nepal is one of adventures thrilling place for rafting, bungee jumping., skydiving and paragliding.

Hong Kong


Hong Kong city is full of by giant building towers and the world’s largest theme park known as Hong Kong Disneyland. Hong Kong has most fascinating skylines in the world.



A visit to the Maldives is just like a heaven on the earth and the best place to spend quality time and capture beautiful moments with your loved ones. You can swim freely among these underwater species such as sea turtles, reef sharks, stingrays. Maldives is the biggest marine life of Indian ocean.


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