Top places to visit in in India for Trekking during Monsoon

Trekking is fun when monsoon arrives. Climbing while it’s raining is not just thriller and fun at the same time. People who are fond of running, jogging or any other sporty activity then they should definitely try trekking. Mark my words after the thriller climb you will surely fall in love with top view during the monsoon.

These trekking places are covered with green grass, waterfall, jungle, mountains, and foggy weather along with that rainfall will add the sweet smell of brown sand during the monsoon. There are many places across India, which is best for trekking and one might must make a visit to grab the scenic beauty of the place.

Below mentioned places are best for trekking during Monsoon:-

1) Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand

The Valley of Flowers is among the well known trek of Uttarakhand. The place is considered is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The land is completely covered with flowers and during monsoon, one can also hear cheerful birds sing and also watch many colourful butterflies. Its duration is of 6 days and difficulty level is easy, wherein the altitude is 15,200ft.

2)     Harishchandragad Trek, Maharashtra

Harishchandragad trek is situated in the western ghats of Maharashtra. This is among the thriller treks which will give you variety of challenging experience. This trek has multiple routes, which will provide you with different experience. The tough part of this trek is to cross the stretch called ‘Cobra’s hood’, but anyways you will surely have splendid experience with this trek. Its duration is of 2 days and difficulty level is moderate, wherein the altitude is 4690 ft.

3)     Sinhagad Trek, Pune

This place is completely covered with the beauty of nature that will take you back in seventeenth-century. Fresh air and peace is a solid advantage to enjoy the trek. Moving green slopes, splendid greenery, foggy weather is the reason you must try this trek during monsoon. Its duration is of 2 days and difficulty level is moderate, wherein the altitude is 4304ft.

4)     Kashmir Great Lakes, Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir has many hidden beauties of nature lying inside it. The Kashmir Great Lakes have seven alpine lakes, which has its own beauty and unique scenery. The reason behind visiting the cold place like Kashmir during Monsoon is the beauty and greenery that you get to see during rains. . Its duration is of 8 days and difficulty level is moderate, wherein the altitude is 13,750ft.

5)     Dzongri Trek, Sikkim

This place is situated in North-Eastern area, and is considered to be the best place for trekking due to its magnificent and charming views around the Nature. During your trek from Yuksom to Dzongri, you will experience pictorial landscapes and high mountains. The walks towards Dzongri also include places like Phedang and Bakkhim in between. One can enjoy the green scenery during monsoon all around you. Its duration is of 9 days and difficulty level is moderate, wherein the altitude is 13,780ft.



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