Try these yoga poses as home to feel relaxed and calm


Practicing yoga on a daily basis comes with immense health benefits be it mental or physical benefits. Incorporating yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation in your routine can help you relieve from stress and will result in improving overall health.  

As pandemic have packed all of us at our homes, it is the time to focus on our health and include yoga poses in our routine.  Try yoga poses like Vrikshasana, Trikonasana and Utkatasana to strengthen the immune system and overcome stress and anxiety issues. 


Vrikshasana also known as Tree Pose as the pose resembles the shape of the tree. Practicing this yoga pose helps to improve body posture and promotes physical and emotional balance. It strengthens legs, improves neuromuscular coordination. 


This asana brings balance and equilibrium to your mind also builds self-confidence and esteem.     


In this yoga pose, your body takes the shape of an extended triangle, giving stretch to your legs. Trikonasana helps the body to relieve gastritis, indigestion and acidity which helps to keep us healthy and productive all day long. 

People suffering from chronic backache issues, should practice this triangle pose as it is practiced by bending on either side which improves the flexibility of the spine and improves backache. Not just this, if this yoga pose is practiced religiously it helps to reduce the piled up stress and anxiety inside you. 


Utkatasana also known as chair pose helps to tone the leg muscles, strengths ankles, calves and lower back. It stimulates the abdominal organs and diaphragm, builds stamina while toning the nervous system. 

Regular practicing of this yoga pose imparts a sense of balance in the body and great determination to the mind. It also helps to lose weight especially from the buttocks.

This asana should be practiced at this hour as it strengthens your immune system and also helps to relieve joint pains and back pains.  

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