Your gut health is at the very heart of your general well-being. Taking care of it will ensure that you are able to combat and manage complicated chronic conditions such as diabetes, avoid pathogenic microorganisms, and avoid digestive issues. But did you realise that your gut health has an impact on your weight reduction goals?

Rashi Chowdhary, a nutritionist who specializes in gut health, weight reduction, and diabetes, recently posted an explanation on Instagram about “the relationship between your gut and ideal weight loss.”

She went on to say that “an unbalanced gut microbiota, which eventually promotes weight gain,” is the source of “distorted hunger,” which is when you feel hungry right after a meal or possibly constantly feel hungry and can’t stop eating.

She also discussed intestinal dysbiosis, which occurs when the hormone Peptide YY, which “sends a signal to your brain about your fullness levels so you realise you need to stop eating,” is not released in sufficient amounts.

The imbalance in two other hormones — leptin, which suppresses hunger, and ghrelin, which stimulates appetite — is caused by gut dysbiosis. “This is why you’ll find yourself sliding off a diet time and again, despite your best efforts to eat intuitively. “How can you expect to eat intuitively if your stomach isn’t in good shape?” she said. “Clearly, appetite intuition originates from the gut.”

According to Chowdhary, you won’t be able to listen to your body’s signals and cues until your gut microbiota improves. A gut cleanse can also help you stick to your diet plan and eat thoughtfully.

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