You should strive to follow basic ground rules throughout your 20s to maintain your body healthy for the next decade. However, the majority of today’s young adults are enslaved to their digital gadgets and work long hours. This is alarming, given that lengthy periods of sitting have been linked to a slew of health issues. In addition to leading a sedentary lifestyle, young adults are frequently stressed by their families, work, and society, which can cause them to neglect their health. As a result, it is critical that young people pay attention to their physical well-being in order to live a healthy, strong, and disease-free life as they get older. Here are some simple, practical food and exercise suggestions that may be included into one’s everyday routine without jeopardising one’s daily obligations.

Despite their sedentary jobs, the ordinary working teenager is always “on the go.” They are ambitious and, as a result, they are juggling many tasks at the same time. As a result, for diet choices, basic meal preparation with consciously incorporated components and easy-to-prepare combinations is the way to go. Seasonal vegetables and fruits have unmatched nutritional value, so include lots of carrots, peas, beets, and cauliflower, as well as greens like spinach and methi and readily accessible fruits like apple, mosambi, and oranges.

Young individuals must be aware of their spending due to their low starting incomes. Expensive foods like quinoa and avocado, which are typically extolled for their nutritional advantages, are usually out of reach. However, such variables should not influence one’s capacity to adopt a healthy eating plan. Light dal khichdi with a lot of sliced vegetables, greens, and a splash of ghee, methi paratha with a bowl of curd and coriander chutney, or a huge bowl of mixed-fruit chart with a squeeze of lemon may all be equally nutritious.

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