According to Bengali superstar Abir Chatterjee, the explosion of material on OTT platforms and its popularity has smashed linguistic boundaries for the audience and assured that actors constantly “buck up” and improvise to keep ahead of the competition.

Despite the fact that a range of entertainment content is available on a number of OTT streaming services, good-old cinema in theatres is here to stay, according to the popular actor.

“It’s tough to tell at this point since it’s early days…many people predicted the end of cinema when we were introduced to television, cable, and VCR, yet it has survived.” In an interview with PTI, Chatterjee said, “I think OTT and movies in theatres will coexist, however we could witness a change in viewing patterns.”

“OTT has bridged the gap between languages. People may now see films from India and throughout the world in numerous languages, making the customer the true monarch.

“If you don’t like a certain piece of content, simply swipe away… The stakes are high, and you’re up against everyone affiliated with this field… As a result, I believe we need to buck up more, adapt, and develop ourselves in order to stay in the race,” Chatterjee, who is best known for playing investigator Byomkesh Bakshi, added.

He’s also looking forward to the premiere of his first Hindi-language project on OTT, which is now in post-production. “Let us first check the public reception on my debut in the Hindi sector on OTT, then I will take a call on working in Bollywood,” Chatterjee joked when asked about his Bollywood ambitions, given that several of his contemporaries had had success in Hindi films. Also, I had a number of unfinished shoots back here, and finishing them was my top priority.”

The actor has a slew of film shoots coming up in the next months, as well as some finished productions like Arindam Sil’s Mayakumari, which celebrates 100 years of Bengali cinema, and Indradeep Dasgupta’s Agantuk, which depicts the loneliness of the elderly.

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