With the influx of new consumers into the digital video entertainment realm, over-the-top (OTT) platforms have been encouraged to diversify their original content offerings by experimenting with other genres. Before the epidemic, OTT platforms were biased toward male and metropolitan viewers, but usage from Tier 2 and 3 cities has exploded. The demographics of the audience have shifted as well, with more middle-aged adults turning to video streaming.

Ormax Media Founder and CEO Shailesh Kapoor, speaking on the important content developments on OTT in 2021, observed that the OTT industry has grown from being Metro-centric to catering to smaller areas as well. This shift in the viewer world, he argues, has altered the type of material offered on OTT platforms. In 2021, OTT programming will be slightly more popular and broader in terms of genres, according to him.

“Because platforms are catering to a variety of audiences and attempting to massify, they are producing more humour and popular dramas rather than only thrillers. With over 100 films set to be released this year on OTT platforms, there was a significant increase in the number of films available. As a result, viewers now have additional alternatives. Prior to last year’s lockout, OTT was mostly restricted to series. Another important development has been the increase in audiences watching dubbed or subtitled content from other languages. The Tamil legal drama film ‘Jai Bhim,’ for example, has done well outside of South India. The linguistic and geographical barriers are diminishing in importance “According to Kapoor.

Even as OTT material becomes more accessible, it still falls short of television in terms of content universality since it is still driven by larger cities rather than rural communities, according to Kapoor. “One thing we’ve observed is that there’s less emphasis on things like violence, foul language, and sex, which were formerly the norm in every web series. With Tier 2 and 3 cities in mind, OTT platforms are searching for genre variety in both films and programming. It’s only the beginning of the process. We will see more comedy, family, and romance shows in the next one or two years, which are lighter genres “he remarked.

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