Bigg Boss OTT: Anusha Dandekar on watching the show, says ‘it gives me anxiety for real’

Bigg Boss OTT is currently streaming on Voot. The Karan Johar show is currently creating hype among the viewers with its ongoing drama. Anusha Dandekar recently shared her thoughts of Bigg Boss OTT on social media. The actress watched 20 minutes of the show lately, but did not complete it as she found that she was getting anxiety vibes from the show.

Taking to Instagram, Anusha shared her views and opinions on watching Bigg Boss OTT. On her Instagram story she wrote, “I just watched 20 minutes of Bigg Boss because I have VOOT now because of Supermodel. I just have to say it gives me mad anxiety for real and so many bullies. My goodness. Like I just can’t watch.. uff negative energy and vibes”. She also revealed that she watched the episode of Bigg Boss OTT, because she had a Voot account thanks to her show Supermodel of the Year.

Prior of the beginning of the show, Anusha debunked rumours of her entering the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. In a video, which she shared to her official social media handle, she said, “Hi everyone, I just wanted to come here and tell you all that I am not going on Bigg Boss and I never was and I don’t know why they keep writing about it. I just want to tell you all have a great day.” She also wrote alongside, “Please stop writing about it.”

Anusha is now shooting for the fashion reality show ‘Supermodel of the Year.’ Along with Malaika Arora and Milind Soman, she will be seen in the Supermodel.


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