Crime Stories: India Detectives Trailer Out; witness officers working on four major crime investigations


The viewership of OTT platforms has increased dramatically, and with each passing day, the audience becomes immersed in a new web series. And now, another project is set to dazzle audiences, as the creators of Crime Stories: India Detectives have released the trailer of the series, which has left viewers amazed and excited. The series’ trailer, which was released today, is based on the most shocking and perplexing crimes committed in Bengaluru.

The Bengaluru Police officers can be seen recalling the four shocking crimes and how they worked on the respective cases in the trailer video. The police officers in the video attempt to suspect the criminals and solve the case, and their work patter can be seen as they speak about some of the shocking crimes that have affected them. It shows officers working on four major crime investigations.

Minnow Films produces the series, and the plot revolves around four shocking crime stories. This isn’t the end of it. It will also provide insight into the police officers’ emotional experiences while investigating crimes, as well as their personal lives and personalities. Crime Stories: India Detectives will be available on Netflix on September 22, 2021.


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