Roy Kapur Films’ first original series, the Indian crime thriller Aranyak, has broken into the rankings of the Global Top 10 non-English TV Shows on Netflix at #8 in its very first week of launch. Some of the other shows in the non-English Global Top 10 are Money Heist, Squid Game, The Queen of Flow and The King’s Affection.

Aranyak has notched up over 10.3 million hours viewed across the world and has made it to the Top 10 lists across 13 countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Oman, Kuwait and India.

Siddharth Roy Kapur says, “We are thrilled with the incredible reception Aranyak has received from audiences in India and around the world. For the series to have garnered such an astounding viewership in its very first week of launch is a testament to the wonderfully layered characters that Charudutt Acharya has created, the evocative world that has been conceptualised for them to inhabit by Rohan Sippy and Vinay Waikul, and of course, the incredible talent with which they have been embodied by Raveena Tandon, Parambrata Chatterjee, Ashutosh Rana and the rest of our amazing cast.”

He adds, “Kudos to the entire Netflix India team for their steadfast support for this project every step of the way, and to our teams at Roy Kapur Films and Ramesh Sippy Entertainment for their blood, sweat and tears in bringing the world of Aranyak to life in the midst of a global pandemic! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to cap off 2021.”

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