Due to two statewide lockdowns imposed between 2020 and 2021, Bollywood actor Vijay Varma, like other artists, was affected by the shutdown on the Hindi entertainment sector. However, he claims that his work was distributed on digital platforms, which provided him with a great deal of comfort.

Varma’s two features, ‘Bamfad’ and ‘Yaara,’ as well as webseries such as ‘A Suitable Boy,’ ‘She,’ ‘Mirzapur,’ and the more recently released ‘OK Computer,’ were all published digitally.

The actor explains how OTT has aided him in a variety of ways, and how gaining praise for his digital endeavours has given him confidence.

“It makes me pleased to be recognised on OTT. In reality, it provided me with a tremendous deal of comfort and affection, especially during the lockdown, when a lot of my work was exposed. We had nowhere to go and no one to meet, and part of my work was completed in the midst of the first wave’s ferocity. The only way I can tell if people like or dislike what I do right now is to use social media. I saw that the audience’s engagement was fantastic and really encouraging because we were going through a period in our life that we had not anticipated “Varma informs us.

“It was always a goal, but when chances arose, it became a strategy. As a result, I become bored quickly if I’m portraying a similar character or if I keep seeing identical components of a tale repeated, both as a performer and as a viewer. As a result, I make a conscious effort to provide myself with as much variety and enjoyment as possible “‘Hurdang’ and ‘Darlings,’ says the actor, who will next be seen in ‘Hurdang’ and ‘Darlings.’

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