Patralekha looks drop-dead gorgeous as Laila in Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu

The trailer of the upcoming web series Mai Hero Bol Raha Hu on Zee5 and AltBalaji was released recently. It has been Parth Samthaan that has caught the maximum attention in the trailer. The story revolves around him. He is seen playing the role of Nawab in this drama series.


What has been interesting about this portrayal by Parth Samthaan is that for the first time he will be seen playing an anti-hero. His fans have been very excited about this role. However, Patralekha too plays an equally important role in this web series. She is playing Parth aka Nawab’s love interest in the series and will be responsible for a lot of twists and turns in the tale.

She is playing the character of a Bollywood actress. As the show is set in the early 90s Patralekha can be seen sporting a look from that era and she is looking absolutely stunning in the same.

Laila in Mai Hero Bol Raha Hu

In the series, the character of Laila has been depicted as a woman who is ambitious and dreams to touch the stars. She appears to be a person who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Deception and manipulation look like tricks of her trade, resorting to serving her selfish desires. She becomes Nawab’s weakness and causes his downfall from his throne in Mumbai’s underworld. Nawab loses friends and loses the life he has built, all for what he believed to be love.

The role demanded someone who was great at dancing and singing and could also put up a facade. Patralekha is known to be a great actress and also aces at other skills required in this role.

Moreover, she is looking super dazzling in the trailer. She has managed to leave everyone gasping for more. Patralekha is the definition of ‘if looks could kill’ and that is one of the prerequisites for the role. She is the one that will bring about a big turmoil in Nawab’s life and he would be willing to trade all that he has built with hard work, blood and sweat for her.

Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu will stream from April 20. We are looking forward to this series. Are you?


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