Sonu Sood and Chef Vikas Khanna are all emotional after watching 1232 KMS. Here’s why

The coronavirus pandemic has made us experience many first. The lockdown and the aftermath were also one of them. While the country was trying to come to pace with this, some had no option but to walk to survive!

At a time when citizens were required to stay put at their homes, there were millions on the road longing to go back to their villages and loved ones. As we approach one year of the lockdown, an unforgettable event that began the largest human exodus since partition, Disney+ Hotstar VIP brings Hotstar Specials presents 1232kms, a film to commemorate the indomitable human spirit that shows up in the face of adversity while also highlighting the society’s apathetic side.

While the world saw many popular figures stand with these migrants during this difficult juncture, Actor Sonu Sood and Chef Vikas Khanna extended a long hand and took the initiative in aiding the struggles in their own ways. Recently, Actor Sonu Sood took over social media with the recital of a short poem on the migrant’s journey, while chef Vikas Khanna curated a unique food menu that the migrants survived through during the trying times while also applauding the movie 1232KMS on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

On talking about understanding the struggle of these workers, Actor Sonu Sood said, “The pandemic brought hard times for everyone but when you look at the larger picture, anyone who had the means to stay home safely with the basic necessities – food and water – was privileged. It was very hard for me to see the migrant workers, who were forced to endure such tough times and we must applaud the will-power of all those who fought those conditions and undertook those long journeys just to reach home. Vinod Kapri has done an incredible job with 1232 KMS and has beautifully captured the journey of those seven migrant workers, and kudos to Disney+ Hotstar VIP for bringing audiences such a real story straight from the ground.”


On taking action about the workers’ difficulty to access basic necessities like food and water, Indian celebrity chef Vikas Khanna curated a special menu for the workers. Addressing this and the release of Hotstar Specials 1232 KMS, Vikas Khanna said, “A lot of people did not fully understand how difficult the lockdown was for the migrant workers – people whose livelihoods are based on daily wages. As the country went into complete lockdown, they lost their jobs which meant a loss of food and shelter to them. While they endured a lot of struggle during this time, the world also got to see gestures of kindness with people going out of their way to help those in need. Vinod Kapri’s 1232 KMS has captured these struggles and the stories of human kindness very beautifully. This was definitely a story that needed to be told.”


Produced and directed by Vinod Kapri who travelled with migrant workers as they pedalled for several hours each day across highways, villages and towns, the executive producer of the film is Oscar winner Guneet Monga, Smriti Mundhra’s Meralta Films and Bhagirathi Films and is creatively shaped by the veteran film editor, Hemanti Sarkar. Elevating this real-life story with striking soulful music is the legendary lyricist Gulzar saab along with the industry’s finest music composer Vishal Bhardwaj. Bringing alive the heartfelt emotions of the migrants journey is the flawless and strong voice of Rekha Bhardwaj and Sukhwinder Singh. Live this long yet inspiring journey in Hotstar Specials presents 1232 KMS now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.



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