With the introduction and rising popularity of many digital platforms freeing up the world’s second largest population, OTT entertainment is threatening traditional television’s existing supremacy in India.

Audiences have seen a seismic shift in terms of number and quality of substance from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana (1987) to Hwang Dong-Squid hyuk’s Game (2021). Brand marketers are utilising in-demand OTT content to promote interaction on digital media, as the influence reaches many strata of society.

According to the size of the OTT market in India, consumption minutes have increased from 181 to 204 billion minutes in 2021. It’s impossible to deny that OTT is taking control. But what is the cause of this expansion, and how does it affect India’s diverse population? The Satta Matka staff at Betway is eager to find out.

In recent years, digitalization has accelerated. The epidemic, on its own, resulted in a large spike in OTT watching in India, with consumption of the OTT spectrum being highest among the 15-35 age groups.

The ease of use of OTT is one of the main reasons for its widespread adoption. All you need is a compatible device and a high-speed Internet connection. The enormous trip to get five million Netflix users in India, on the other hand, was rocky. While metropolitan regions were well-versed in the digital world, rural communities were still clamouring for access.

In a broader sense, OTT has had distinct effects on rural and urban communities. According to Ascent Group India, about 65 percent of OTT content consumption in India occurs in rural regions where just 40% of people have access to the internet. It defines the extent to which regional linguistic content has an influence on local residents.

Casting various unique projects in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bangla, and other languages has ushered in this potential for content producers and platform developers. Channel providers like as Zee TV, KPMG Eros Now, and Sun TV have created their own OTT platforms in response to the strong demand for regional programming.

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