Dr. Deepika Sinha of Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot’s “Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii” was in for a major shock when she got to know that her father is no more. She was inconsolable and was seen crying in the locker room when Vikrant came to her. He tells her that it’s all his fault that her family did not speak to her for 10 years. While they were having this conversation, Vikrant went on to confess that he loves Deepika and is ready to divorce his wife, Aditi.

The next day, they had to go for a surgery when Vikrant confronted her again and called her “Litti”, but she told him that she is not his Litti any more and asked him to call her Deepika. Deepika goes in for the surgery, and meanwhile, Vikrant remembers how she rejected his love the previous day.

During the surgery Vikrant seems lost and Deepika tries to guide him but he leaves the surgery midway.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abhay Sathe was unsure of getting engaged to Dr. Sia Advani and decides to call it off. But when he heard Vikrant confess his love to Deepika, he went ahead with the engagement.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Vikrant tries to speak to Deepika and calls her Litti. Deepika gets angry hearing this and tells him that she had enough of this. She asks him to stop calling her Litti and also tells him that she is not in love with him anymore. Later, we see Vikrant giving himself an injection. Does Vikrant need help? Will Deepika get to know about it? Will she help him? To know what happens next keep watching “Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii”.

“Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii”, produced by Invictus T Mediaworks and Studio Next, features Additi Gupta, Rohit Purohit, Nishant Singh, Alma Hussein, Benaf Dadachandji, Raghav Dhir, Ashwin Mushran, Vidyut Xavier, and Kaushik Chakravorty, to name a few. The show airs Monday to Friday at 10 p.m. on Sony Entertainment Television.

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