IMMJ 2 To Shift To Voot


IMMJ 2/ Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, the Colors show has been entertaining the audience ever since its inception.

The show commenced on Indian television on 13th July 2020.

In addition recently the cast and crew were also seen celebrating the 200 episodes of the daily soap.

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Moreover the Colors show is produced by Beyond Dreams Entertainment and Inspire Films Private Limited.

With actors Rrahul Sudhir, Helly Shah and Vishal Vashishtha playing the main characters, the show has proved to be an intriguing ride.

In addition, the thrilling ride filled with ishq in IMMJ 2 has kept the viewers attention glued.

Ever since its beginning, be it with cat or mouse games amidst the characters, or the chess of manipulations that goes on, IMMJ 2 has impressed with every twist and turn.

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The tale and love story of Riddhima and Vansh took the audience by a storm literally.

And also went on to conquer their hearts.

While Helly Shah essays Riddhima, Rrahul Sudhir is portraying the characters of Vansh Raisinghania.

Actor Vishal Vashishtha is seen playing Kabir in IMMJ 2.

Vansh and Riddhima have now become a permanent fixture in the audiences hearts and minds.

Fondly known as RiAnsh, they also happen to be the topic of the social networking town Twitter regularly.

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Further the current track in the show revolves around Riddhima’s pregnancy and Vansh holding himself back in turmoil.

Moreover Kabir continues to come up with plans to get Riddhima back. All in all the current track is interesting.

But here is news for all you IMMJ 2 viewers.

According to reports being published, Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 will air its final episode on TV soon.

13th March 2021, is the date reports are suggesting.

But before you think the show is ending, let us tell you ‘no, it is not’.

IMMJ 2 will in most probability shift to the digital medium and air on Voot, post 13th March.

Mixed responses are coming in from the fans on the news.

While on one hand some are taking it in stride and also saying the content might get better on OTT.

On the other hand some are disappointed with the news.

Whether the news dampens your spirit or it lifts you up, it is for you to decide, as a viewer.

Also on Twitter there is a probable confirmation of the news doing rounds. Take a look.

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