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Mumbai : Tiktok being banned from India though was a welcome news but there was a question in all fans mind , what’s next? Suddenly there was a void in the zone and its then that the stalwart of entertainment industry and the winner of Kala Gaurav Award 2021 and Midday International Icon Award 2021, Mr. Girish Wankhede took the realm in his hand and came up with the “JaiBheem App”an entertainment app made in India which is coming very soon to give viewers an amazing, entertaining experience.|

The app is to launch soon and the event will have the famous “JaiBheem” Anthem which was composed by Mr. Lalit Pandit of the Jatin-Lalit Duo and was sung by legends like Shaan, Javed Ali, Palak Mucchal and Abhijit Sawant.
The concept of “JaiBheem” became an immediate favourite and gained support from leading names from the industry like Mr. Sandip Soparrkar who is a renowned and respected choreographer who will mentor the team of dancers performing at the event on the anthem, Sandip shared his excitement saying, “JaiBheem is not just an app its an initiative, an emotion, a revolution that will change the entertainment industry for good. We are in the process of audition to select the best dancers from different parts of India and as far as dance genre is concerned it will be an Indian fusion with a modern twist just like the JaiBheem App”.

“JaiBheem” is initiated by CEO, Mr. Girish Wankhede who has experienced different verticals of entertainment industry closely, he shared his vision for the app by saying, “ Being associated with entertainment industry for over two decades I have traveled to various parts of India and have closely observed the talent that still have not much platform to showcase their skill, JaiBheem app is a Short Videos App that hones the skills of the youth in metros, smaller towns so as to provide them with an opportunity to express their creativity. It will shape their careers by sharing the revenue with those whose videos go viral.”

JaiBheem app is an opportunity for youth which offers them a career in entertainment as well as a medium for them to earn by creating entertaining content. The objective of Jai Bheem App is to make entertainment a better experience for all – providing the security and of course the pride of “Make in India” – “For India”.

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