Kapil Sharma kicks off the show with the hit song ‘Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo.’ He then mocks the song for spreading misinformation. Every male, he claims, waits for the lady to leave his house so he can contact the other. He goes on to give other examples. Archana Puran Singh and others burst out laughing.

John Abraham and Divya Khosla Kumar are welcomed by Kapil. The comedian praises the star for his physical health. He quips that he is afraid of John’s power because the trailer for his forthcoming flick shows him slamming everyone. He also warns Divya that she is beating up on a couple males on the show, which contradicts her kind attitude.

Kapil quips that John has three roles in the next film and wonders whether financial restrictions compelled Divya to join the cast. She commended John and said they had a great time filming together.

The comic focuses his attention to John’s physical health. The latter emphasises the need of a healthy diet and discipline for a healthy physique. He even shows off his abs by raising his tee-shirt. Kapil admires John’s vegetarianism and reliance on plant-based proteins. They use a variety of instances to persuade the audience not to be harsh to animals.

Kapil informs John that he wishes to shed 10 kg in two months. The latter decides to provide him a diet schedule that he must strictly adhere to. Kapil quips that his celebrity has made John Abraham his nutritionist.

Kapil then discusses a prominent South celebrity who allegedly died in the gym after a heart attack. He asks John for advice on how much exercise one should do and how many supplements individuals who exercise should ingest. The actor offers his expertise. He understands the importance of a healthy diet and not working out when one is anxious. He claims that a half-hour or 45-minute workout is sufficient.

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