Mahhi Vij has blocked her husband Jay Bhanushali on Instagram over this Funny reason

Mahhi Vij

Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij, are among the most popular television couple, and are quite active on social media as they are frequently seen exchanging photos with each other by giving an insight into their daily lives. However, it appears that Jay sharing the photos of Mahhi does not sit well with her. Mahhi blocked Jay in a weird way because she thought he was posting awful photos of her. Jay announced on his Instagram stories that his wife has blocked him on the platform.

Jay Bhanushali uploaded an adorable family photo of him, Mahhi, and their daughter Tara on his Instagram account on Tuesday. Mahhi appears to have disapproved of the photo, as Jay afterwards posted a video to his Instagram stories claiming that his wife had blocked him on Instagram. Meanwhile, Mahhi Vij was seen in the video sitting right behind Jay as he spoke about everything. Jay went so far as to beg people to write her and convince her to unblock him. Jay went on to say that “Agar yeh maine kiya hota toh abhi tak saare lecture aana shuru hote, ‘ab tum mujhe waisa pyaar nahi karte, tumhare zaroor kisi aur ke saath chakkar chal raha hai” (If I had blocked her, she would have accused me of not loving her enough, and having an extra marital affair).

Jay also shared a screenshot of Mahhi’s direct messages on his Instagram story, claiming that despite the efforts of fans, he is still barred and is left unblocked. “Just got this snapshot by @mahhivij, thank you all for requesting but she has still blocked me on Instagram,” mentioned the actor.


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