Qurbaan Hua to go off air; Rajveer Singh, Pratibha Ranta in wedding dress on last day of Shoot

The popular television show Qurbaan Hua is seet to end its run, and the final episode is now being shot. As the show comes to a happy conclusion, the creators and actors of Qurbaan Hua have shared various photos from the set.

In the photos, the actors are seen dressed up for a wedding. Meanwhile, Neel is seen hugging Chahat after proving his innocence thanks to Chahat’s efforts. They are seen wearing their wedding gowns and promising to remain together forever. On the last day of the shoot, the cast members were seen becoming emotional and snapping some group photos to celebrate the last day as they bid a final goodbye.

Rajveer had taken over the lead role which was earlier portrayed by Karan Jotwani, and in an interview with Etimes TV, the actor spoke his happiness in accepting the challenging lead role. Speaking on same Rajveer said, “I am happy that I was able to take over this challenge of leading the show midway when Karan Jotwani decided to quit. It was challenging because everyone has preconceived ideas when a new actor joins an existing team. But I was able to fulfill people’s expectations and convince the makers that I was a good choice for the role. Viewers also showed love and appreciation for our team. The show ran for 18 months and I think it is commendable in these times.”

Further Rajveer added, “When I was reading the last page of my script, it said ‘Happy Ending’ and I wondered how was it a happy ending because whenever a show gets over, you feel a bit sad that the journey is over.” Sonali and Amir Jaffar had produced Qurbaan Hua, which features Rajveer Singh, Pratibha Ranta and Sshrey Pareek in main roles


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