Radha of Subrat Sinha and Dr. Bodhisattva’s “Vidrohi” is furious as her plan to insult Kalyani fails miserably. Baxi tries to console her but she is very adamant that she wants his marriage with Kalyani to be annulled.

Meanwhile, Kalyani is shattered by Radha’s action, and is in tears. She is still trying to figure out why Radha did what she did. Later, Radha threatens Kalyani that if she doesn’t agree to her condition then she will kill her unborn child. Kalyani is left shocked.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kalyani writes a letter to Baxi to meet her. They later find Radha standing at the balcony trying to kill her baby. Will Baxi and Kalyani be able to save the baby? Will they agree to Radha’s conditions? To know what happens next, keep watching “Vidrohi”.

Produced by Subrat Sinha and Dr. Bodhisattva’s Gaatha Productions, “Vidrohi” features Sharad Malhotra, Sulagna Panigrahi, Hemal Ingle, Anang Desai, Chaitrali Gupte, Nikhil Damle, Sangam Rai, Sunidhi Chauhan, Priya Tandon, Smriti Kashyap, Srikant Menon and Iqbal Azad. It airs on Star Plus.

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