Planning to start YouTube channel in 2021, follow these hacks


YouTube has gained huge popularity over a period of time as it has gathered a massive community of viewers, creators, publishers and advertisers. YouTube is only 14 years old but has become a staple of modern culture. It has around 1.9 billion monthly users, which is almost 25% of the entire world population. It is accessible in 91 countries and over 80 languages. Now, it is no longer a video platform but a part of today’s cultural. 

Not just creators but even marketers love YouTube. Around 87% of marketers contribute to this video making platform to advertise and promote their products.  

YouTube has marked its presence as a powerful online platform which has become a stable career option in today’s world. If you are planning to start your own channel on YouTube as a successful vlogger or a video creator, there are few things you must know for a successful YouTube channel.


First things first, you just need a Google account to start your YouTube journey. 

Before you start making videos, choose a niche in which you have interest, say for example- fashion, food, technology, art, academics and the list will go on. Do not make random videos as the audience will get confused and they will switch off from your channel. Also, have a good username for your channel which is easy to remember. 


Once you are aware of your niche in which you want to start making your videos, don’t forget to add your personal touch in the videos. Be yourself in the process. You have to come up with a unique perspective on your selected niche. 

It will take time in starting to get comfortable with the whole process, as everyone is not comfortable speaking in front of the camera and that’s pretty normal. Don’t lose hope. Be consistent with your work, you need to keep your audience engaged so that they can find your presence on YouTube.  

The audience will adapt to your style and your schedule if you are consistent. The more consistent you are the more your channel will grow. Also, make sure that your content is always of high quality as there is a huge competition on this video platform and there are many other channels with similar content. To convince people to visit to your channel, you have to make sure you are putting all of your efforts. 

Always keep in mind that YouTube is filled with millions and millions of poor quality videos and nobody cares about of those. In order to engage your audience you need to serve them with high quality content. 

Talking about some Technicalities

Whenever you upload a video on YouTube focus on title, keywords, and tags as based on this combination YouTube will rank your video in their search results. In technical words, the search engine will use your metadata to better catalog your content. 

While you upload a video, YouTube will prompt you to add a title, a description, category and some keywords to add more value to your content. 

Before selecting any title for your video, conduct a keyword research which can summarily describe your video. Have a deep study of your competitions and learn from their failures and success. Have an appealing thumbnail for your video, as it will add more value to your video.


If you are planning to start your YouTube journey in 2021 it’s not too late but there are many aspects that you need to take into account before you start investing in YouTubing. Don’t rush into any conclusion, take time, research well, there are plenty of opportunities knocking at your door. Stay committed to your channel and it will take you a long way.

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