A video of a Madhya Pradesh vendor goes viral offering free ‘pani puri’ to celebrate the birth of his daughter

Everyone enjoys eating Pani Puri, and if you can get it for free, you’ll want to eat even more. In Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal, a ‘pani puri’ vendor decided to give away free golgappa to celebrate the birth of his daughter. Anchal Gupta, a golgappa vendor in MP’s capital city, fed the dish for free on Sunday. People began congregating as soon as they learned that free golgappa would be distributed.

Anchal Gupta the pani puri vendor, since last 14 years has been operating his cart in the Kolar area. Gupta and his wife were desperate for a girl child and were praying for one. Finally, on August 17, his daughter was born, and Gupta decided to celebrate the occasion in the most memorable way possible. The video of the incident has been shared numerous times on social media, and the pani puri vendor commented on it, saying, “When I received the news that I have a daughter, I was extremely happy. However, a few people gave weird reaction. Some of them told me that a girl child will be a burden etc.”

Anchal further added, “I have small earnings, but I wanted to give a message to all those who consider girl child as a burden. I am proud that I have a daughter.”

Despite the crowds gathered for free pani puri at special stalls set up by Gupta, he took good care of Covid-19 guidelines and urged people to maintain social distance after a long line of people was seen at the pani puri stalls. Later, the video went viral on the internet, and netizens praised the seller. Many even reshared the post.


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