An adorable video of mommy cat helping her kitten climb the stairs has gone viral

Social media users can find so many cute videos of dogs and cats. The moment the video is uploaded it goes viral. You might have seen a lot of such videos which you might find adorable to watch. One of such video was uploaded on a Twitter account on Thursday. The name of the Twitter account user was Buitengebieden. The video has got more than 64000 views.

In the video there is one cute little kitten who is trying to climb the stairs but unable to climb up the stair because the kitten is very small. The kitten was very scared and was looking for help. After that her mother comes in to help her in climbing the stairs. Watching her mother helping the small kitten is very adorable. The kitten followed her mother and slowly managed to climb till the top floor. Title for the video was mommy helping her kitten to climb the stairs.

The video went viral and got a lot of retweets and adorable comments.


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