Let’s face it, food is one of the big attractions of a wedding reception. People crowd the chaat and kebab areas at any wedding event, delighting in panipuri, dahi bhalle, chicken kebab, paneer tikka, and other delicacies. Guests at a wedding function were shown bursting into the buffet area as soon as it opened for supper in a video that recently went popular on social media. The amusing video has gotten a lot of attention, with 33 million views, 1.8 million likes, and thousands of comments thus far. A user called ‘baagdi baata_’ posted the footage on Instagram. The caption reads, “A buddy has shared.”

As nervous people rushed into the dining room, we could see a waiter hurriedly telling his colleagues to move away from their places. A man, who appeared to be elderly, was also seen running into the first counter, taking up a plate, and immediately beginning to fill it with various food items. Others trailed behind him, eager to get their hands on the food before it was gone.

People on the internet reacted quickly to this hilarious video, with one describing it as the ultimate “wedding aspirations.” “Our buddies in weddings,” someone another said. “Bhukkad (hungry people)” says a third remark. “What type of wedding guests are they?” another person wondered. Multiple “laughing out loud” emoticons were used by others in response to the video.

What are your thoughts on this amusing wedding celebration video? Have you ever been to a wedding celebration when something like this happened? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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