In the viral video, a guy is sitting on the street’s pavement when a dog approaches and begins cuddling the stranger in an attempt to console him. This amazes the homeless guy, and he embraces the doggo back. They hugged till the end.

It’s a well-known adage that dogs are man’s best friend, and now we have a video to prove it. A video of a dog sneaking in and embracing a homeless guy for all the right reasons is making the rounds on social media sites.

A video of a dog cuddling an elderly homeless man has gone viral, touching the hearts of thousands of people.

In the viral video, a guy is seen sitting on the sidewalk when a dog comes up to him and begins cuddling him in an attempt to console him. This surprised the homeless man, who returns the hug and the two continue to embrace till the conclusion.

Buitengebieden shared the video on Twitter on December 30, 2021, and it became viral in a matter of days. The video has received over 5 lakh views and thousands of heartfelt comments and likes. The video’s description states, “This dog approaches a homeless guy and appears to know what he needs.”

Netizens swamped the comments section with their opinions after seeing the video. “In fact, I believe that this is something that should be observed for two reasons. For starters, homeless individuals are still humans who need to be loved and cared for. Second, to demonstrate that animals are amazing and love unconditionally,” a user noted.


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