Food, it is well claimed, has the potential to bring us all together! The gastronomic scene of India is changing every day as more international food brands and cuisines arrive in the country. Korean drama series and music, in particular, have taken root throughout the country, and Korean and Chinese cuisine has become a staple of most people’s diets. Noodles and sushi are two of these cuisines’ defining dishes, and there’s no better way to eat them authentically than with chopsticks. Although many of us have seen chopsticks in movies and television shows, using them in real life is a completely other story.

Many of us may find it challenging to learn how to use chopsticks, especially if we’ve never done it before. On social media, a charming video on the subject has appeared. A couple can be seen enjoying a dish of hot noodles in this clip uploaded by @thapachinesewok, a restaurant in Gwalior. But it was the manner a husband was teaching his wife to use chopsticks that caught the viewers’ attention, not the food or the setting. The man can be seen assisting his wife with holding the chopsticks and showing her how to pick up the noodles; the lady picks up quickly and is able to use chopsticks like a pro by the end.

The video has over 1 million views, 69.7 thousand likes, and more than 200 comments. Several commenters on the video couldn’t stop raving over the sweet gesture. ‘Thank you for welcoming us, it was fantastic, had a great time there and enjoyed the cuisine,’ said the lady in the viral video.

‘You two are so cute together,’ ‘Bless you both,’ and ‘Aww so nice’ were among the many other responses. ‘Kam se kam try to kiya madam ne,’ said one commenter, referring to the lady’s willingness to try chopsticks (At least the lady tried it).

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