A group of students in Brazil surprised their cafeteria worker with a gift box in a sweet video that has gone viral online.

There is no replacement for compassion, as a group of Brazilian students recently demonstrated. A group of pupils from a Brazilian school surprised their cafeteria worker to thank her for her hard work and compassion in a video that has gone viral online. The sweet video is simply too amazing to pass up, and we are confident that it will bring a smile to your face as well.

The cafeteria worker was surrounded by kids in the now-viral video, and one of them had her eyes covered. A few seconds later, one of the group’s females entered the room with a lovely gift basket, which she presented to the worker. The mother hugged the students as she was obviously overwhelmed.

“LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD BY BEING KIND!” In Brazil, a group of students presents their cafeteria worker with a gift basket in recognition of her hard work and friendliness.”

The video has over 13k views after being shared on Twitter by Good News Correspondent. The youngsters’ generous deed impressed internet users, who praised them in the comments section.

“Kids give us hope,” says the author. They have the ability to improve things,” a user stated.

“Great kids, lovely woman,” said another user.

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