In Coimbatore, a woman politely asks a snake to leave her home


A woman was seen using soft words to entice a tiny snake out of her home. The event took place in Coimbatore, and the video went viral.

A video of a lady pushing a tiny snake that had found its way into her housing development has gone viral. The woman was observed softly persuading the snake to leave her home. Her soft tone is reminiscent of how one would speak to a toddler.

The woman is seen using a stick to nudge a snake that had entered the home in the Coimbatore incident. Rather than panicking, she gently motioned it to exit the fence. She even offered to return later and give the snake milk.

The snake was also seen crawling outside the home in the footage. For its own protection, the lady continued to persuade it with nice words and even begged that it not return to the house and avoid additional human interaction.

The woman’s kind motherly approach toward the snake has received a lot of attention and has gone viral on many social media sites.

In fact, IFS officer Parveen Kaswan tweeted a video today of a guy attempting to save a king cobra. This video has the potential to send shivers down your spine.


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