Animals kept as pets expect to be spoiled at all times. A video that has gone popular on social media shows a cat poking her owner who is working in the garden to communicate her desire.

The cat wishes for the owner to stop gardening and devote more time to her. “This is why cat dad can’t get anything done in the garden,” Teddie and Casper – an account operated by the owner in the name of his cats – captioned the video on Instagram.

Teddie is the name of the cat in the video. This video was released last week and has earned over 14,000 likes on Instagram since then.

Many thoughtful comments have flooded the post.

A user wrote, “You’re such a terrific helper Teddie.”

“Ohhh I adore seeing Teddy get involved, my puddy cat does the same while I’m sewing, it’s a fantastic distraction,” said a second user.

“Daddy, it’s OK. Just give me a hug and a kiss, that’s all I need “a third user said

Videos of pet cats are often shared on social media. A video of a feline playing the Fruit Ninja game on a tablet recently went popular on social media. The gaming kitty tried to slice all of the fruits that appeared on the screen since she didn’t want to miss any of them.

Cats have been shown in studies to give emotional support, raise emotions, and improve the general morale of their owners. Cats are also known for helping the elderly and others who are physically or intellectually impaired socialize.

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