Let’s face it: social media never ceases to entertain us. It’s a treasure trove of fascinating, amusing stuff that offers us access to the entire planet. Every day, we are exposed to a wide range of material from across the world. We get to locate anything, from your favourite celebrity’s personal life to various vital pieces of facts. Then there are the lovely cat and infant videos, which instantly warm our hearts. Their charming faces and innocent behaviours catch our attention and make us smile. Some of these adorable films become internet sensations, gaining millions of views, likes, and comments. We just came across a video of a youngster who was given his first taste of a soft drink. What made it even cuter was her over-the-top response to the drink.

The footage was uploaded on Twitter by the Buitengebieden account.

According to the 15-second video, the child joined her parents to a McDonald’s outlet, where she tried her first drink of Coca-Cola. She was caught aback by the fizziness of the drink after taking a taste. After a time, the child realised she liked the flavour and returned to take another drink.

Isn’t it darling? The tweet quickly went viral, with over 423k views, 14.9k likes, and hundreds of comments. While some on Twitter thought this video was “very sweet,” others expressed reservations about her drinking aerated beverages.

“Seriously! It’s instant addiction since she went back for the straw “One was written. “Little child shouldn’t be trying Coke,” someone other said.

What are your opinions on this video that has gone viral? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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