Foodies from all over the world have taken notice of this “unnecessary creation”! The ‘food funnel,’ invented by one man on the internet, is a unique creation. His concept focuses on repurposing spilled and leftover food to save money on meals. He used his handy tools to consume a burrito in his video presentation. Burritos are a messy affair to eat, with the stuffing dropping all over the place, as everyone who has had one knows. All of the stuffing from the funnel’s open end is collected by his device. He inserts an empty taco shell on the narrow end, allowing all of the gathered filling to fall into the shell, forming a taco out of the splattered food! Isn’t it amazing?!

The video of this gourmet creation has received 19.2 million views and roughly 698k likes! Matty Benedetto is the brains behind this brilliant idea, which was uploaded by Instagram user @unnecessaryinvention and reshared by @9gag. The self-taught product designer is notorious for inventing bizarre yet useless gadgets. His page has more than 1.3 million followers and is full with innovations that aren’t necessary in real life but are just amazing. Matty Benedetto’s food funnel, on the other hand, appears to be a lifesaver for messy eaters who can’t help but spill food while eating. Here are some of the responses to this invention:

“To tell you the truth, that notion ain’t half terrible.”

“We can create a limitless number of tacos with this.”

“The greatest invention ever.”

“Buy tacos, eat burritos”

Another idea by the same designer that foodies would appreciate was produced earlier. It’s a vibrating popcorn bowl called “the never napping bow” that is supposed to wake you up if you fall asleep while watching a movie.

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