The internet is unquestionably a one-stop fascinating destination that will keep you engrossed for hours. But, don’t forget, it’s also a location where we come across some very weird material. It may be a strange meal combination or something in the news that makes you read the headline twice. These objects frequently catch our attention and cause us to wonder. A similar video has recently gone popular on the internet. This time, a woman is seen inquiring for the price of watermelons in an unusual manner. Now, if you’re wondering what’s so strange about inquiring the price of watermelons, we recommend you wait till you see the video.

A lady can be seen wiping a piece of watermelon on her face in a video provided by Instagram user She then turns to face the camera and bites into the watermelon. You can hear her singing “Zindagi ek safar hai suhana” when she does this. She asks the fruit vendor at the end of the video, “Kaise tarbooz diye hai, Bhaiya? (How much is the watermelon, Bhaiya?)” After that, even the fruit vendor seemed to be perplexed.

This video has been seen 4.7 million times and has 114K likes and hundreds of comments since it was released. After watching the video, many individuals had various emotions. Take a look at some of the responses below:

“Zindagi hai ek safar hai suhana orr ye’haa haa’ ke sir pe tarbooz maar dena,” says the protagonist.

“She does it in such a humorous way.”

“I just finished a watermelon; this is making me puke.”

“She eats her own germs and microbes off her face.”

“I can’t stop laughing.”

“I’m never eating watermelon again.”

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