Everything is possible in the realm of social media, and when it comes to weird fusion cuisines, social media is swamped with a wealth of possibilities that may make you lose your appetite. The most recent addition to the league of viral food films is Idli Ice Cream, which has once again made foodies angry.

This novel mix of idli and ice cream is being sold by a Delhi seller, and the viral video was just published by the Instagram handle The Great Indian Foodie.

The video depicts the process of producing ice cream rolls, but with a unique and weird twist. The hawker adds idlis to the rolls as they are being made. “Idli ice cream,” the video description reads. It’s time to give the planet a new dynamic. Dosto mujhe maaf karna. Location: Lajpat Nagar, near the hunger strike Amar colony. We’re now revealing the location (simply because the man has informed everyone, he can produce dosa ice cream).”

Too far, the video has 188k views and 4319 likes on Instagram.

Foodies began commenting on the video as soon as it became viral, with one person writing, “No imagination honestly.” Simply toss in whatever comes to mind.” Another reply read, “Hard no.”

“Please leave these food stuff alone,” remarked another user. Our forefathers created them with a variety of health advantages in mind. Don’t take advantage of food.”

What are your thoughts on this fusion? Is this idli ice cream something you’d like to try?

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